Hitzaldia/Charla 2019/07/01: Ethical value exchange for systems design in a datafied society

Titulua/Título: Ethical value exchange for systems design in a datafied society

Hizlaria/conferenciante:  Dr José Abdelnour Nocera

Data/fecha: uztailak 1 / 1 de julio

Lekua/lugar: Gladys de Estal aretoa

Ordua/hora: 12:00

Summary: Three questions are of concern when innovating together with people ‘at the margins’: how can we describe users without stereotyping badly, what socio-technical HCI methods fit the local context, and how to make the design sustainable in the face of current planetary challenges (e.g., climate change)? We discuss a socio-technical HCI approach called human work interaction design (HWID) to meet the challenges of designing for ethical value exchange where value extraction is not dominated by one party but equally shared across all stakeholders.

BIO: Jose Abdelnour-Nocera is Associate Professor in Sociotechnical Design at the University of West London. His interests lie in the role of cultural diversity in the design of people-centred systems and in software development teams. In pursuing these interests, he has been involved as researcher and consultant in several projects in the UK and overseas in the domains of international development, mhealth, enterprise resource planning systems, service design and higher education. Dr.

Abdelnour-Nocera gained an MSc in Social Psychology from Simon Bolivar University, Venezuela and a PhD in Computing from The Open University, UK.



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